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This page allows you to edit the issue priorities available in your account/company.

The list shows all issue priorities available to you at a  company/account level. VisionFlow has a number of priorities  available as a default (Very High, High, Medium, Low and Very Low), you  can edit them or add new ones here.

On this page you can do several things with issue priorities:

  • Create a new priority by clicking on "Add new issue priority ", which will open a popup where you can enter values for  your new priority (see picture below).
  • Delete a priority by clicking on the red "X" icon in the table, for the given priority.
  • Edit by clicking on the edit icon for the given priority, and enter values in the popup. Click Submit to save your changes.




  • In the top section, you change Name, Description and Order (sorting order as integer value).
  • In the middle section you change how the priority will appear when working with it.            
    • Icon: clicking on "Change" will result in a popup icon chooser, where you can select a new icon.

    • Background, Foreground - these  fields control the appearance of the priority in the list. The  values  have to be entered in 6 digit hexadecimal RGB code, meaning each  group  is a value from 00 to FF. Some sample colors are (#000000=black,   #FFFFFF=white, #FF00000=Red, #00FF00=green, #0000FF=blue,   #FFFF00=yellow.. (You can read more about web colors here)
    • Display mode - whether the priority is shown with name only, icon only, or name + icon.
  • Default - Check this to make this priority the default value when creating new issues.

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