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Knowledge base sub-tab - Support Center page

This page is where you configure the Knowledge base for the project and it  can be found from the Support Center tab in your support project.


The page is filled with the user interface of the Knowledge base, which consists of four sections:


Top panel - This section contains a few things

  • Welcome text that also tells you which project the Knowledge base is for
  • Link to the Edit knowledge base page (if you have permission to see it)
  • Search function - just write your search criterion, and press search, to see a list of matching articles.

View panel in the center - This is where the article/category pages are shown. You can either navigate by clicking on links in the pages themselves, or by using the tree in the navigation panel.

  Navigation panel to the left - This panel section shows articles and categories in a navigable tree. The panel itself have a couple of buttons: expand/collapse the panel itself, reload content, expand all categories in the tree, collapse all categories in the tree. 

  • Categories are represented in the tree as folders, articles as documents.
  • Click on a category to expand it, and load it in the view panel.
  • Click on an article to load it in the view panel.
  • Categories can be expanded/collapsed in the tree.
  • When this page loads, the default view is the root page, showing the most popular and recent articles.
  • Depending on your permissions, you might see some icons on the articles/categories in the tree - these represents outdated articles (yellow warning icon), or not published items (a red stop sign).

Featured/outdated sidebar to the right - This panel lists the featured and outdated articles in their respective sections.

  • The panel can be collapsed by clicking on its collapse/expand button
  • You might not se the outdated articles section, depending on your permissions
  • Edit knowledge base has a couple of options for this panel: always expanded, always collapsed, and never shown

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