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Knowledge base user interface

This page is the Knowledge base for a project and it can be found in its own tab under the project.


The page is filled with the user interface of the Knowledge base, which consists of four sections:


Top panel - This section contains a few things

  • Title text that also tells you which project the Knowledge base is for
  • Link to the Edit knowledge base page (if you have permission to see it)
  • Search function - just write your search criterion, and press search, to see a list of matching articles. Select a product in the dropdown to narrow the search down to articles tagged with that product.

Center view panel - This is the main panel, where the article/category pages are shown. You can either navigate by clicking on links in the pages themselves, or by using the tree in the navigation panel.

  Navigation panel to the left - This panel section shows articles and categories in a navigable tree. The panel itself have a couple of buttons: expand/collapse the panel itself, reload content, expand all categories in the tree, collapse all categories in the tree. 

  • Categories are represented in the tree as folders, articles as documents.
  • Click on a category to expand it, and load it in the view panel.
  • Click on an article to load it in the center view panel.
  • Categories can be expanded/collapsed in the tree.
  • When this page loads, the default view is the root page, showing the most popular and recent articles.
  • Depending on your permissions, you might see some icons on the articles/categories in the tree - these represents outdated articles (yellow warning icon), or not published items (a red stop sign).
  • Context menu: Right clicking on an article in the tree opens a small context menu for the article:
    • Direct link - clicking this opens the popup with the direct link URLs for the article (you can get this from inside the article as well).
    • Copy article - clicking on this creates a copy of the article. The copy is placed next to the original, and is named "Copy" + the original name.

Featured/outdated sidebar to the right - This panel lists the featured and outdated articles in their respective sections. Click on the article titles to open them.

  • The panel can be collapsed by clicking on its collapse/expand button
  • You might not se the outdated articles section, depending on your permissions
  • Edit knowledge base has a couple of options for this panel: always expanded, always collapsed, and never shown
  • If both sections are shown, the "Featured articles" are shown before "Outdated articles".

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