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 How do I remove the /visionproject/ part of the URL? Export knowledge base Export     SubscribeSubscribe      Show article info

After installation VisionFlow will be located in the http://<YOUR SERVER URL>/VisionFlow/ path by default.


If you want to remove the /VisionFlow/ part of the URL you can do this easily by:

  • Delete the content of the <YOUR TOMCAT INSTALLATION>/webapps/ROOT folder which is available by default
  • Copying the content of the <YOUR TOMCAT INSTALLATION>/webapps/VisionFlow folder to the  <YOUR TOMCAT INSTALLATION>/webapps/ROOT folder
  • Delete the old <YOUR TOMCAT INSTALLATION>/webapps/VisionFlow folder
  • Restart Tomcat
  • You can now open VisionFlow by navigating to http://<YOUR SERVER URL>/

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