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Here you can find a list of notification templates used for different notification events. Please note that there is not a strict 1:1 correspondence between notification event and notification templates:


  • Sometimes multiple events use the same notification template, and some events use more than one template.  
    • This is especially true for where there is one notification template for internal users, and one for support user recipients.
  • Some system events are not listed in the notification template list, they have their own templates and can't be changed.
  • Please note, support users can only receive events of type below, i.e. the ones listed in the "Support users" section for the notification templates:
    • New comment
    • Description changed
    • New issue
    • Status changed


Also note that the article uses the English names for the events and templates. If you use another language like German, the names of events and templates will of course differ. 


There can also be differences in wording depending on what terminology you use. (For example, 'issue' could be task/story/..etc. ). The changeable words in this article are these (using the english defaults): Issue, Developer. 


Which templates do the event use?

Notification event:   Notification template
New issue created   Issue has changed
    New issue notification to support user



Status changes to 'X'

  Issue has changed
    Status changed notification to support user
New comment added   Issue has changed
    Comment notification to support user
Document added/updated to project   New document(s) in project
    Updated document(s) in project
Document added/updated to an issue   New document(s) on issue
    Updated document(s) on issue
Issue description changed   Issue has changed
    Issue description changed notification to support user
Current owner of the issue changed   Issue has changed
Developer of an issue changed   Issue has changed
Email from support user on issue   New incoming email received
Email reply to support user   Email reply has been sent
Issue transfered   Issue has been transfered
New Forum message   New forum message in project
New KB article comment   New article comment in project
 Notification sent by a SLA escalation   SLA escalation report

Which events are the template used for?

Notification template:    
Issue has changed  


 New document in issue    
 Issue has been transferred    
 Issue has been copied    
 Rating on issue    
 New document(s) in project    
 Updated document(s) in project    
 New forum message in project    
 New article comment in project    
 Email reply has been sent    
 New incoming email received    
 Comment notification to support user    
 New issue notification to support user    
 Status changed notification to support user    
 Description changed notification to support user    
 SLA Escalation report    
 Email to new user    
 Email when user asks for password    

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