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 How do I include videos in the KB? Export knowledge base Export     SubscribeSubscribe      Show article info

To upload and publish videos (or other files such as images) in the knowledge base you just need to upload them into the documents section on your workspace and then tick the checkbox "published", then you can use the direct link on the right (link icon) to include in your KB.


See more information about this here...



If you want to limit access to a video only for internal purposes, either:

  • Use the instructions above, but also limit access to the file by setting permissions on it. You do this by clicking on the  Edit icon, and then setting permission to your company, or your teams.




  • Do not check the checkbox called "published"
  • Instead, right click directly on the file name in the list and select "Copy link" or "Copy link address" (depending on your web browser).
  • Include this link in your articles in the knowledge base.

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