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View a video of the planning board to see how it works:





This video shows how to easily plan activities in VisionFlow using a Planning Board. You will in the video see how to plan activities from the backlog to 2 different sprints and between sprints. You will also see how to inline edit the estimated time and how to rank the activities within a sprint.





The planning board is an issue/task view that enables you to  schedule and prioritize issues very easily using drag and drop, some of  the capabilities include:


  • You can change the rank of the issues/tasks directly in the table  list by dragging and dropping them verticle in the table (you will need  the "Global rank" field for this)
  • You can plan an issue/task for a specific iteration/sprint by  clicking and draging it to one of the iterations/sprints on the right  hand side
  • You can see the capacity of your team  and the current work load directly on the iterations/sprints
  • You can right click on an issue and change any data on it using the context menu (or open it in a new tab)
  • You can edit Estimated time and Remaining time directly in the  Planning board. Just double-click in a cell, update the value and then  move the focus from the cell and the value will be updated.


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