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If VisionFlow feels slow for some reason it is normally due to the fact that your internet connection or computer is slow. However, it is still important to report this to the support team. Since VisionFlow is continually beeing improved in different areas the dev team is very interested to hear from you if the system isn't quick and responsive for some reason.


Before reporting a perfomance problem first gather data about your internet connection and speed when you connect to VisionFlow. Follow the instructions below :


  • Create a new email and write the following information:
    • What web browser + version do you use (such as Firefox 3.6.12)
    • What operating system do you use (Such as Windows 7)
    • What username do you use when using VisionFlow
    • Where/how do you feel that VisionFlow is slow
  • Then click on windows start button
  • Click run
  • Type "cmd" click OK
  • In the black window that opens type "tracert" and click return
  • Wait for the tracert to complete
  • Take a screenshot and attach it to your email 
  • Type "ping"
  • Wait until ping has completed
  • Take a screenshot and attach it to the email 
  • Go to
  • Click on begin test
  • Wait for the test to run
  • Take a screenshot and attach it to the email
  • Open the Event manager by clicking Ctrl + Alt + Delete and choose show event manager
  • Take a screenshot showing the current memory and CPU usage and attach it to the email
  • Send the email with performance info to

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