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The corporate branding module comes in two versions and lets you hide the VisionFlow logo from the system

Company branding


  • The basic corporate branding version lets you :                
    • Replace the VisionFlow logotype with your own to hide the VisionFlow logotype
  • The complete branding version lets you :                
    • Replace the VisionFlow logotype with your own
    • Gives you the right hide the VisionFlow URL
    • Allows you do redirect your domain to our servers (if you you run the hosted/SAAS version), such as
    • Makes it possible for you to choose the color/theme
    • Makes it possible to use your domain name in links in outgoing emails, thereby hiding the VisionFlow name.



Redirecting your domain to our servers (replace the URL to VisionFlow with your own)


If you have purchased the complete corporate branding module you can redirect your domain to our servers, such as or Completing this task normally takes a day or two.


To do this you have to follow the steps below:


  1. Reconfigure your DNS to point to our servers for your domain, either by:
    • Using an A record, using the the IP
    • Or, using a CNAME record to point a subdomain of your choice to
  2. Let us know what domain you want to use by emailing us on
  3. We will then update our SSL certifiate on our servers  for the domain you have chosen.that after this has been updated all emails from the system will also use your domain name.
  4. The administrative/technical contact person for your domain will need to accept and verify that we use your domain. Please note that this is VERY important!
    • The approval is done via an email sent from our CA.
    • The email is sent to the TECHNICAL CONTACT person for your domain, found in the WHOIS information. Use this web page (or similar) if you are unsure who that person is:
    • This normally takes a day or two.
  5. If you want to do a redirect from your domain name directly to the login page or to one of your support centers, you can do that by adding redirects in the "Domain redirection" table, or you can ask our support team for help.   
    • For example you can add a redirect from to
    • Please note that the "Home URL" and "Redirect Home URL to URL" values should never be the same




Please note that the step 4 is VERY important! Unless your technical contact person confirm and accept the email  sent to you (sent from our CA), the certificate will not be issued and you will receive an SSL warning when using your domain.

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