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An Issue Field Configuration (IFC) is a setup of fields that is used in one or more projects.


This is a very flexible way to tailor what fields should be used in the projects. To be even more flexible, you can also specify which of these fields that should be used for each Issue Type. You can also specify who should have what rights to each field.


Read more about how to set up the issue field configuration here: Customise your issue fields in the Issue Field Configuration


You can have as many different Issue Field Configurations as you like and choose which configuration you want to use for a project.


When entering the Issue Fields page you will see a list of one or more Configurations. The column "Used in project(s)" contains information on which projects that are using the configuration. This is set in the Project Settings tab for the project. Read more about that here. The column showing which configuration is default indicates which configuration that is valid when creating a project, before changing the settings of the project. The default configuration is always the configuration that is called "Default" and that is delivered with the system.


Knowledge Base Images/Settings/Issue Field Configurations.png


You can choose to

  • Add a new configuration        
    • Fill in Name and Description in a dialog that appears. Click Create to create the Issue Field Configuration.
  • Copy a current configuration to use as template when creating a new template (the most right icon)        
    • Fill in Name and Description in a dialog that appears. Click Copy to copy the Issue Field Configuration to a new Issue Field Configuration.
  • Remove a configuration        
    • You will get a question to verify that you really wish to remove the Issue Field Configuration. Important is that you have to remove the connections to all projects before you can remove the Configuration.
  • Edit an existing configuration        
    • Select the name link to come to a page containing the details of the page.


Knowledge Base Images/Settings/Edit_Issue_Field_Configuration.png


When setting up an Issue Field Configuration you can

  • Choose which fields you want to use by selecting the "Use" check box. A description of which fields that are delivered with VisionFlow can be found here.
  • Specify the name of the field. This field has a default name but is possible to change for that Configuration.
  • Choose if the field should be mandatory, when creating and editing an issue, by selecting the "Mandatory" check box.
  • Choose which field columns that should be default in the list of issues in the issues tab. Read more about column view configuration here.
  • Choose which fields that should be shown when doing searches, in the search-tab on the left hand panel, by selecting the "Searches" check box.
  • Choose what order the fields should be shown on the issue form by setting a number indicating what fields should be shown before and after the field. Also note that not all field can change order, fore example description has a fixed placement at the bottom. Tip: space out the numbers on Field Order, so you can insert a field between two existing ones, if needed (This is why the default ones have values of 10, 20 etc).
  • Choose which Issue types the fields should be used for (if they should be used when reporting Bugs, Support Issues, etc)
  • Configure the access for the fields for different roles (read, read/write, read/write if reporter or owner, no access). With help of the access for the fields you can for example choose to have a field as 'No access' (=hidden) on the "New issue"-page and have the same field as 'Read/Write' on the "Edit-issue"-page.
  • Optionally "grouping" of issue fields. You can group related fields and separate the groups with a "separator line".
    • Add a new group by clicking "Add new group" and set a name for group as well as selecting the first field and the last field in the list of fields in the configuration that should be included in the group. The fields are listed in the order as shown in the issue list of fields included in the configuration.
    • You can also choose to edit or remove a group.



Knowledge Base Images/Products / configuration management/Product_Row_IFC.PNG


Note: The Product issue field have a configuration dialog built right in the Issue field configuration page. Just click on the edit icon.

You can read more about its setting here: Product issue field configuration dialog






The issue fields can be grouped together into sections for easier readability and improved organization. Think of all issue fields ordered by their order number, then you can group them in sections like A-D, E-H, I-L etc.


Note: Changing order number of an issue field can break this grouping, especially if you change the field so that groups "overlap".

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