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This report shows the burndown or burnup for a given project sprint.

Select a project, sprint and chart type(Burn-down or Burn-up chart), and click the OK button.


Burn-down: This line chart has a work curve showing how the time in hours decrease from the initial estimate at the sprint (version/iteration/phase..) start, as actual time is reported on issues.


There is also a line showing the ideal progress from the start to the end of the sprint, which starts from the initial total estimated time to zero hours at the end) 


Burn-up: This chart is almost the reverse of the above - here the sprint starts at 0 hours actual time to the total estimated time at the end, and the work curve is climbing instead.  The ideal time line is here as well, but going from 0 to 100% instead.


The table below the chart shows the issues in the sprint.


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