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This report shows Estimated time and other time data for users on a given version


Select a project, sprint and chart type(pie chart or bar chart), and click the OK button.


Note: when selecting a project, the sprint(version/iteration/phase..) combo will update with the active sprints on the project.


Pie chart: This shows a pie chart showing the Estimated time for each user. Estimated time for a user is the sum of Estimated time (in hours) for all issues in the sprint, where that user is set as owner.


Bar chart: This displays four bars for each user:

  • Estimated time - As above, the sum of estimated time for issues that the user owns.
  • Remaining time - The sum of remaining time for issues that the user owns.
  • Actual time - The sum of actual worked/reported time on the issues that the user owns.
  • Available time - This shows the hours of available time set for the user in the sprint.


The data summary table shows the estimated, remaining, actual and available time for each user, with actual values and column sums.


Ideal case: When the sprint is started, all issues have set estimated time, and remaining times are set to the estimate. As work is done on issues, actual times increase (from worklogs) and remaining times decrease. (Estimated times should not change unless the scope of the issue changes).


As a sprint is completed, ideally the actual times are equal to the estimated time (Then the estimate was correct), and the remaining times are zero (all work is done).


Note that it is easy to skew these values by editing the fields directly on the issue, or adding worklogs but forgetting to set it to update actual/remaining time.


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