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 'Plugin not supported' error message in Chrome for some functions (add screenshot, multiupload document, edit document content)  Export knowledge base Export     SubscribeSubscribe      Show article info

I tried to use one of these functions, and Chrome showed an error message.


These functions use java plugins, and Chrome version 42 and later have no support for so called NPAPI plugins, which include Java.



This includes the plugin to get these java applets/functions to work in the webpage:

  • Multiupload of documents
  • Add screenshot applet
  • Edit document content applet (where you can edit documents without downloading them)



You can read more information on how to enable support for these functions in the article below (links to the same article in two separate languages)



How do I use Java with the Google Chrome browser?




Hur använder jag Java med webbläsaren Google Chrome?

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