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Sometimes you want to parse a specific string in the email to find a related value, such as when extracting a foreign ticketId


Basically, you specify a pattern to parse, to be able to find a specific value in this pattern, like looking for "TicketId: #XXXX", where XXXX is the value to be extracted and put into an issue field.


Knowledge Base Images/Email ticket system/Processing rule - Sample parsing rule.PNG 


These processing rule options are:

  • Parse body content - this searches through the email body for a pattern to extract a value from 
  • Parse subject content - this searches through the email subject line for a pattern to extract a value from 



When you select one of these options, you get some additonal fields to the right where you specify what you are looking for, and what the system should do with the value:


Parse string: This textfield contains the pattern, where {{VALUE}} represents the value you want to extract. In the sample processing rule above, it will look for patterns like TicketId: #123456 .


The following three inputs control what to do with the found {{VALUE}} part of the pattern:


Input 1: you select one of these options depending on how you want to store the value in the issue field.

  • Set the field: this overwrites the existing issue field value with the pattern in input 3. 
  • Append to the field: this adds the pattern in input 3 to the issue field at the end of the current data. In the example above, it would add 123456 to the end of the title.


Input 2: This determines what issue field to update with data found by the parsing:

  • Title: This adds the pattern in input 3 to the Title field, either replacing or appending as set in input 1.
  • Status: This will set the issue to the status with the exact same name as the {{VALUE}}.
  • Reporter: This will set the Reporter on the issue to the user with the same username as shown in the pattern. This is using username because this is unique to each user, while two people may have the same name. If email is provided then a lookup will be done to find the matching user with that email address.
  • (Custom field of type Text): This will show one option per custom text field on issues. The system will add the pattern in input 3 to the selected custom text field.


Input 3: This text field shows the format pattern of how the found {{VALUE}} should be stored.



Note: The parsing functionality will only trigger for the first occurrence of the specified pattern. So, in the example above, if the email body contains both 'TicketId: #111111' and 'TicketId: #222222', it is the first that will get added to the Title, .i.e. '111111'.

Parse values and create a reporter from email content

If you need to, you can parse reporter/user values from an email and find and set the reporter based upon these values instead of the sender email address. This is useful if the email sent into VisionFlow is sent from a generic email address such as a web-form or an external system. 


In addition to setting the reporter, based upon email or username, VisionFlow can also create a user by parsing additional values in your email. For example the parse rule action in the image below would create a user with correct name, phone, email, username and company if the email looked like this:


Contact email:

Contact Name: John Doe

Contact phone: +46121212122

Contact company: Acme Inc


Knowledge Base Images/Email ticket system/parse_new_user_email_processing_rule.PNG

Please note that if a user exists with the username that match the email above the username will be set to, however since the system does a lookup on email AND username this will also work the next time an email is received

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