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 Storing large inline images in KB articles result in errors, how do I solve this?  Export knowledge base Export     SubscribeSubscribe      Show article info

If you use Firefox and copy and paste images into the text area in your KB this results in the image being converted into text and stored inside the KB article. 


If you have many, or large images, then this will fill the database with a lot of data but also it may result in errors. The reason is that the system only allows for 2MB of data to be stored in a KB article for performance reasons. 


If you are using the installed on-premise server version of our system then you have the option to increase this limit. You do this by adding the attribute maxPostSize to the connector element in your server.xml file on your server. For example setting maxPostSize="4194304" will allow you to store 4MB of data in your KB articles.

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