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Actions buttons

Buttons can be created and added to your issue forms to extend functionality in the system and perform actions, such as:

  • Copy issues to other workspaces/projects, such a as from support to developent teams
  • Transfer issues quickly, if they have been created or sent in to wrong workspace/project
  • Quickly update issue data, such as close an issue, or escalate to another team.
  • And so on


You add these buttons in General --> Settings --> Issue configuration --> Action Buttons 


When the action buttons are clicked they execute issue rules. So for action buttons to work you need to create at least one issue rule of type "Action button". You do this in the General --> Settings --> Issue configuration --> "Issue Rules" section. You can read more about issue rules here 


Also, to define for what issue types and for what user groups the button should show you must configure the button on the issue field configuration for your projects, see : General --> Settings --> Issue configuration --> "Issue Fields" 


So, to repeat the following is needed:

  • Create rule of type Action button
  • Create an Action button that use the rule
  • Add the button to the field configuration used for your workspace/project

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