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 How do I move the latest changes to the main stylesheet (css) file for VisionFlow into my own css file for my corporate branding? Export knowledge base Export     SubscribeSubscribe      Show article info

From time to time the main stylesheet (maincss.css) file changes in VisionFlow. This usually happens when a new version is released and style and/or functionality has been updated in the software.

If you use the corporate branding features and use your own css file (see corporate branding settings) then you may need update your own css file from time to time to incude all changes. That way you can guarantee that everything looks as intended even after a new version of VisionFlow is available.

 To incorporate all changes to the main VisionFlow stylesheet into your own stylesheet we recommend that you use a file diff software such as ExamDiff or a similar program. That way you can easily move changes from maincss.css to your own scc file.


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