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The hosted cloud version 10.5 of VisionFlow was released on October 25th 2014

During October 2014 we started with continuous delivery of features and improvements in the cloud/SAAS version of VisionFlow. This means that the majority of all changes can be delivered at any time into the live environment without any downtime. Delivery of major features or features that require database changes will still be done for our major releases (10.5, 10.6 and so on) since the deployment process is more strict.


The majority of the functionality below was released between September 9th and October 25th for our cloud/SAAS customers. There were no installed 10.5 version since 10.6 was planned for released shortly after 10.5


Product/Asset/Service Management

+ Inactive products/CI's are hidden in the selectors



+ Add a row for total sum in the Issue history report


Issue / case management

+ Improve issue templates so that you can save an issue as template

+ Improve issue templates so that templates are editable directly in list

+ Improve issue templates with a delete icon directly on the right of issue templates

+ Improve issue templates so that all fields are handled

+ Set reporter on sub-issues when creating from template

+ Remove the action line icons at the bottom of the issues page



+ Owner group filter on Calendar - add an Unassigned option



+ Link to show blocked content on issues does not always show blocked content

+ Fix "Object has changed" in KB articles, when someone opens a KB article while someone else is writing it

+ Image viewer on issues: close button not always accessible

+ Remove "Auto-Submitted" and "X-Auto-Response-Suppress" for the check of autogenerated mail

+ Problem when removing issue, sometimes

+ Changing issue template when creating new issue has stopped working

+ Allow for multiple email addresses in errorEmail in email ticket system

+ Setting company permission option in Comment section on issues does not work - permission All is set instead

+ Users without permission to an issue comment can see and read it in Recent Activity and in Project Activity

+ Export button doesn't work on Company Information dialog

+ Notification templates has stopped working in some cases

+ Automatic width of the Worklog Categories window
+ Can't create Google calendar based on iCal URL
+ Filters are empty when editing search due to slow loading in some web browsers
+ Issue subscription portlet is not refreshed during push
+ Top action panel on issue doesn't work with scrolling in support center
+ No notifications for forum messages.

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