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 How do we prioritize feature requests from users/customers? Export knowledge base Export     SubscribeSubscribe      Show article info

What features will we focusing on before others?

When we get a bug report, feature request or idea from a customer, we prioritize them according to the following:


  • Critical bugs
  • Financed features always have top priority, paid-for by customers
  • High priority features and improvements that many customers have asked for get higher priority. The more customers/users that want a feature, the higher its priority
  • Feature requests from larger customer companies have more weight than requests from smaller ones.
  • If the feature is a step in the direction we want to take VisionFlow anyway, it is an extra plus.
  • Other customer feature requests and ideas


We have many other things to do, and the following things normally take precedence over general customer suggestions 


  • Non-critical bugs
  • GUI/UX improvements. We also have a big on-going project to replace the current user interface with a new one by the end of 2019 that we focus on. 
  • Other high priority functions from us, such as to fill in gaps in functionality, platform improvements, performance or security related issues



Knowledge Base Images/Icons/star_yellow.gif  Remember: You can make sure a feature will get priority by financing it!

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