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 How can I put a task on hold and automatically re‑open it at a certain date Export knowledge base Export     SubscribeSubscribe      Show article info

When wanting to answer or investigate an issue at a later date you can use the "put on hold" functionality.


This can come in handy when the issue isn't pressing or you have agreed with the customer to get back at a certain date. Also when leaving for vacation so that your issues are reopened when you get back but wont be shown in the usual issue list in the meanwhile.

1. To be able to use "Put on hold" you must first make sure the "Due Date" field is added in the issue field configuration used in the project.


2. Then you add a SLA target which triggers on Date and Put on hold status. This means that if you just have a date in the "Due date" field nothing will happen. In combination with the status "Put on hold" the issue will be temporarily viewed as an inactive/closed issue (if you in the issue status setting has set "Put on hold" as an closed status). At a certain amount of time before the due date the issue status will change to "Reopen" and become an open issue once again.

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