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Field description - Affected sprint



Short description:


Affected sprint on an issue shows in which sprint a problem or change happens.






Default name: Affected sprint


Terminology variations: Yes.  This field uses the terminology from sprint. Meaning some variations are: Affected Iteration, Affected Version, Affected Milestone, Affected Phase, Affected Timebox, Affected Stage.


In-Use: Optional. This field can be set to be used in the issue field configuration.


Mandatory: Optional. This field can be set as mandatory, but need not be.


Data type: Text field. You should enter the names of one or more sprints. Note that sprints are specific to a project. If you need something that is available across projects, look at Release.


Access restrictions: (Default) Created: "Read/Write" for all users.  Editing: "Read/Write" for all internal users,  and "Read/write if owner or reporter" for external or support users.



Sprint: You enter the names of one or more sprints on the project.


Affected by these settings: 



Use cases: 

In some cases, such as when working with problems/Incidents, you may want to note which project sprint the issue relates to, for example when a bug or problem occurs in a couple of sprints.

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