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You can have different statuses on a product/service/component/CI, and this is where you create and edit these.


This is the first functionality for statuses, it is now basically just a flag on the product/service/component/CI. This functionality will be expanded in the future, making the status matter more.


Here, you can add new statuses and edit existing statuses.


A product/serviece/component/CI status have these fields:

  • Name - The status name.
  • Description - What the status is about
  • In use - If this is checked, the status is  currently used for products/services/components/CI's.
  • Inactive status - If this is checked, this is an  inactive status. Products/services/components/CI's with this status set are inactivated.
  • Order - Determines the order the statuses in the dropdown list for product/service/component/CI status. Lowest numbers come before higher  ones. Statuses with same numbers are ordered alphabetically.
  • Action - This column contains functions, such as 'Delete status'  (currently the only option).

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