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Often when changing language, you might see texts that are not translated properly.


Why is this?


It can be a bug in the internationalization, that we've missed some texts.. In that case, we're thankful for the information.


The other case is that you are looking at certain fields that are user configurable on account or project, and the translation does not deal so well with these.


VisionFlow tries to translate the default values, but if the values have been changed, it leaves them alone. So you can get a mixture of two languages. For example, if you have new issue types/statuses/etc.., then VisionFlow might only translate the default ones, leaving the custom ones.


You can update these things in the Settings tab for the account settings, and in the settings sub-tab of a project, for its project settings.


The fields that you might need to update yourself are:


Account level:

  • Issue types - names and descriptions
  • Issue statuses - names and descriptions
  • Issue severities - names and descriptions
  • Issue priorities - names and descriptions
  • Custom Issue fields - names
  • Issue fields in the issue field configuration - names
  • Roles - names
  • User groups - names
  • Custom User fields - names


Project level:

  • Components - names and descriptions
  • Project tabs - names

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