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You can get a sample import file by choosing the "import from CSV/Excel" function, and then clicking on "Download sample file".

This article outlines the format for issue fields in the file.


Note: The import function currently uses its own names for the issue fields, and unfortunately does not consider the names of the fields in the issue field configuration. So it is not possible now to export a file as xls, then adjust it and re-import it. (The exported file will use the field names as shown in the issue field configuration (say, "Status"), while the import file needs the specific format described below (for example "statusAsStr"). ).


If you import from a .csv file, it needs to:

  • use UTF-8
  • use semicolon separated values
  • use the correct "import names" of the imported issue field.



Importing from Excel files ( both .xls and .xlsx should be supported) were added in v9.7.


MANDATORY fields are issueTypeName and reportedByName



Default English name

of issue field

Name of issue field in the import file Mandatory? Type of data
Status statusAsStr No, but will be set to the default status  if not set Name of an issue status
Resolution resolutionName   Name of an issue resolution
Issue type issueTypeName YES Name of an issue type
Severity severityAsStr   Name of an issue severity
Priority priorityAsStr   Name of an issue priority
Developer/Responsible responsibleName   Name of a user
Reporter reportedByName YES name of a user
Published publishExternal   false/true
Owner ownerName   Name of a user
Owner Group ownerGroup   Name of a user group 
Version versionName   Name of a version
Affected version affectedVersion   Name of a version
Est. Time estimatedTime   Decimal number
Remaining Time remainingTime   Decimal number
Actual Time actualTime   Decimal number
Start date startDate   Date + time
Due date dueDate   Date + time
Description description
Solution solution   Text
Created createDate   Date + time. If not set, then this will be the time of import
Completed completionDate   Date + time. 
Billing amount billingAmount   Integer
Cost amount costAmount   Integer
Company customerName   Name of a Company
Product productName   Name of a Product/Config item
Release releaseName   Name of a release
SLA slaPlan   Name of a SLA
Source sourceName   The source of the issue

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