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Sometimes, the current description can be broken when a change to the issue is made. 


This can happen if the description initially had a lot of (Microsoft-related) formatting in its HTML, including tables. A common case where this happens is when the issue is a HTML email that have a complicated email template, often created by a Microsoft program. 


A common reason for the issue being "cut" or "broken" is that the description was modified at the same time someone changed something else on the issue. This can happen when the user clicks or does something in the description at some point before saving the issue. 
The system then tries to figure out what was changed in the description when saving the issue. If the system fails to parse the description with lots of Microsoft styling, formatting and/or tables correctly, it can chop off part of the HTML when it saved.

If you really want to try to restore the description, try this:

  • Click on the  edit icon  for the last "Description changed" event to have the "original" description . 
  • (If the content is very wide, you may need to first go to the bottom and side scroll the content, so you can see the right part with the datestamp and edit icon)
  • In the editor, click on the "HTML" button. 
  • In the HTML viewer, select all text (Ctrl-A) and copy it (Ctrl-C)
  • (Optional: Save the html code in a plain text document (not MS Word or similar). This is for convenience, easier to paste again from the document if needed.) 
  • (You can also edit the code to remove stuff that may cause problems to make the code less complicated and easier to parse. Note:Only do this if you know HTML well.)
  • Close the HTML viewer.
  • Do not save the comment edit, just go back to the issue, to not "break" the comment as well.
  • In the Description, delete the current content
  • Click on the "HTML" button in the Description editor. 
  • Paste the HTML code,  and save to close the HTML window.
  • Hopefully the Description now parses the code to nice-looking description. (If you're lucky.)
  • Save the issue.

Knowledge Base Images/Icons/information.gifWarning: We cannot guarantee that this will work. It is possible that VisionFlow cannot handle the advanced HTML code, and the issue just breaks again.

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