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How do I perform an auto-login to VisionFlow from our external portal (such as drupal)? You have to add username and password in the URL for, as here:



If you want the users to be logged in to the support center you can use any of the following links:

  • For direct access to the main/home page use this URL format:
  • For direct access to the issues/tickets section use this URL format:


If you want to link in from an external source, that uses the VisionFlow database, you can attach the parameter &apply_no_hash_on_passwd=true in the URL. That way VisionFlow will not add another hash when authenticating the user



SYSTEM_DOMAIN_HERE = this is the URL to the system such as or or the domain name that you use

YOUR_SUPPORT_CENTER_CODE = This is the support center hash code for the project/workspace that you want to use.

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