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This panel where you edit attributes for a user


This panel is shown when selecting a user in the table on the Users page, or when opening a User in a new tab.

The panel has several tabs with information and settings regarding the user (Remember, you need correct permission to see all tabs.)


 General - This tab contains user info in three sections (Four or more if you use custom fields on Users):            


Knowledge Base Images/Icons/bullet_triangle_blue.gifGeneral 

  • Full name - Mandatory. 
  • Title - The users professional title, if any.
  • Email - Mandatory. This must be a valid email address. This is the primary email address, which is the first suggested email when you mail the user freshly from the system.
  • Email, other - This is a comma-separated list of alternate email addresses for the user. If an incoming email has any of these email addresses, it will be associated with this user.
  • Phone - The work phone number of the user
  • Cell phone - The cell phone number of the user
  • Home phone - The home phone number of the user.
  • Company - The company the user belongs to. This will be set as the Reporter company on any issues reported by the user.
  • Created - The date when the user was created. This is not editable, just shown for information.
  • Modified - The date when the user last was modified. This is not editablejust shown for information.



Knowledge Base Images/Icons/bullet_triangle_blue.gifUser account - shows User type, Usergroup (primary), Other User groups and Account status(Active/Inactive)

  • User type - This is either "System user" or "Contact".   
    • System users can log in to the system (either using the normal login, or to a support center). 
    • Contacts can never log in to the system. Contact users are used to store information abput people of interest.
  • User group - The primary user group the user has on the account level. This is used in non-project specific contexts. Remember that you can have different user groups on the projects than you have on the account level.
  • Other user groups - (Optional) Any other user groups the user has on the account level
  • Account status - This is either Active or Inactive. Inactive users cannot login nor do they cost money. It is strongly suggested that you inactivate old users instead of deleting them, as historical information related to the user is then preserved.


Knowledge Base Images/Icons/bullet_triangle_blue.gifLogin information 

Note: the username must be unique, so use something like the email address, for example.

  • Username - The username for the login
  • Password - The password for the login. 
  • Password again - Repeat the password for the login



Knowledge Base Images/Icons/bullet_triangle_blue.gifCustom fields - these sections contains custom fields on user. The custom fields and the sections are configured in the account settings (General - Settings - Other configurations - Custom fields - User). Any section defined in that page will be its own separate section in the General tab, containing the custom fields assigned to that section.




 Settings - This tab contains quite a few settings for the user, which are described in the Settings section of the  User Profile page.



 Notes - This tab has a text editor where you can write down notes regarding the user.



 Project Access - This tab shows a table of projects, whether the user has access to them, which user group he/she has in the specific projects (Remember that you can have an user group on the account level, but others in specific projects). You can also edit these settings here as well. The setting "Show assigned issues only" only gives the user the permission to view issues where he/she is reporter or owner. 



 Issues - This tab shows a table of issues that is related to the user (with respect to permissions - you will only see issues from projects you have access to). The issues grid shows all issues where the current user is the Reporter, an Attendee or a Recipient. Read more in this article.  



 Documents  - This tab shows an overview of  documents attached directly on the user. You can upload, download, edit and delete files and folders here.



 Contracts - This tab shows a table of contracts that the user is connected to (Normally by being the Owner of the contract). Click on a contract to open it in the Contract page.



 Products - This tab shows a table of Products/Services/Assets/Configuration items that the user is set as owner or user on. Click on a product/Config item to open it in its own page. 



 History - This tab shows a list of changes made to the user, who made the change and when it was done. 



 Work schedule exceptions - This tab has a table lists exceptions to the work schedule for the user. These exceptions represent times where the user cannot be at work, like vacations etc. 

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