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Do you want to send recurring report mails on the number of new tasks in the last month?

This is just an example of a regular, repeating report that could interest you but you can set up any search you like to be emailed to you. But let us use this as an example.


VisionFlow handles this by using two connected elements:

  • Saved Search - This contains a set of search criteria matching the issues you are interested in.
  • Search Subscription for the saved search - This is configured to trigger at chosen times, and mailing the search result to selected users.  

Example: We want to send reports of all new issues of the type 'Task' over the last month, for project X, Y and Z. Recipients include several users, and this should be mailed every monday at 9:00.


  Defining the search, and saving it:

  1. Open the Search page and manage the search criterions as below:
  2. Projects - multiselect projects X, Y and Z
  3. Issue Type - select 'Task'
  4. Created - select 'Later than or equal to', and in the sub-table that opens up, select either 'Common times: This month', or 'Relative time: 1 month ago'. This should match all issues created after one month ago, up to today --> The last month. Do not use specific dates, as you want the search 'time window' to move over time.
  5. Sorting - select to your preferences. For example, we could use 'First sort on Priority', and 'Second Sort on Created'.
  6. Presentation type - select to your liking, for example 'Full content with history included', or 'Grid/table view'.
  7. Filter name - For example, Last month's tasks
  8. Filter description - why you want to do this search, or some other info.
  9. Filter sharing - Set this to all/group if users need to have access to it.
  10. Click Create Search Filter - click to create it.

You might want to perform a search or two, after saving it, to confirm that the search returns the expected matches.

Creating the search subscription:

  1. Click on the 'Add a subscription for this search' link -  to open the Subscription dialog.
  2. Start subscription at - Select the start date and time for the subscription, like '1 June 2009 at 9:00', or whatever.
  3. Repeat - Select Weekly, and in the submenu that opens - select 'Ends: Never', and 'Schedule tasks every 1 week on Monday', using the dropdowns and checkboxes.
  4. Select users for this subscription - Move users from the box Available users to the box Selected users. You can select users and transfer by clicking on the arrow icons (>> and << moves all users in the box).
  5. Send empty results - check this if you want to send a mail even if there are no matching issues in the search.
  6. Click Save - finished!

The selected users should now get a report of the last months new issues every monday.

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