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This report shows the average time issues have been spent in status


Note 1: This report is based on the history of issues completed(Issue status with special flag "completed status") in the time frame. Open issues are not counted.

Note 2: The table only shows bars and data rows for periods with data. If there were no issues having had the status 'Assigned' completed in March, then there will be no row for march when filtering on 'Assigned'.



The report have two bar chart presentation based on status: 


When status is selected - the bar chart will show the average time of the chosen status grouped by day, week or month.


As illustrated below: 

 Knowledge Base Images/Reports/Reports_Averagetimeinstatus2.png



When status is NOT selected - the bar chart will show one bar for each status and average time in hours.


As illustrated below:

Knowledge Base Images/Reports/Reports_Averagetimeinstatus1.png


Section "Report data - issues in status during the time frame" will show up when the check box "show issues" is activated. 


As illustrated below:

Knowledge Base Images/Reports/Reports_Averagetimeinstatus.png

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