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This is a minor update with frequently requested enhancements to VisionFlow. Here are some of the highlights of version 2.1.1 of the software, as compared to the previous version, 2.1. Version 2.1.1 was released 8th of June 2005.

Custom fields

  • Configure up to five custom fields on an issue.
  • The custom fields are defined per project.
  • A custom field works as a normal field and you can perform all actions as usual, i.e. sort, filter, batch update, view in search result and so on.
  • The Custom fields are configured under the Settings tab

A custom field will be shown in the following screens:

  • New issue (bug/task/new request)
  • Edit issue
  • Issues lists
  • Search results (reports)

Auto logon

If you are sure that your computer is at a “safe place” you can choose to store login credentials in a cookie. Then you don’t have to logon every time you are using VisionFlow. Check “Login automatically” in the login page and that will happen.

Invoicing module

With this release you have a new “Company info” tab in the top menu. You can view your invoices and edit billing preferences.

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