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This portlet shows your open issues

This is a quick way to see the items that belong to you, that you need to see most often. It will list your issues across all the projects you have access to.
It shows open issues. It does NOT display issues with statuses with special flag Is a closed issue or Completed.


Double click on an issue to open it in its project tab. Right click to show the context menu where you have quick access to selected functions.

The default columns shown are type, issue key, title, status and project - but there are a few more that can be selected as follows:

  1. Hover the mouse over a column header. You will see a small sidebar to the right with a down arrow.
  2. Click on it to open a small column menu. There is a submenu called Columns. Open it.
  3. You will see the full list of possible columns with checkboxes for each. You can then select all fields, including due date, ticket id, sprint or priority.

Note: For the issues to display properly do not untick the setting "Show in groups". You need to group the "My open issues" portlet by a field as "Current Owner", "Status", "Project" or any other field.


This portlet also have a settings dialog associated with it - it is the button with a cogwheel icon, in the top right of the portlet.

Click on it to open the settings dialog. This determines what the extent of "your" issues is, and the options are:

  • Show open issues where I am the owner: Issues where you are set to Owner.
  • Show open issues where I am the developer: Issues where you are set to Developer.
  • Show open issues created by me: Issues you have created (You are set to Reporter).

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