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This is where you configure your e-mail ticket system

The page has a chooser for the specific email ticket system and two tabs, General settings and Processing rules.


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You can have more than one email ticket system per project. You switch between ticket systems in the dropdown. There are always one Default ticket system per project. You can also add a new email ticket system by clicking on the "Add email ticket system" link.


General settings is where you configure the email account  to use for the ticketing system.

Processing rules are optional actions to be done when receiving new emails/issues.


VisionFlow will monitor the configured email accounts, and depending on the mail, either

  • Add it as a new issue in the project. If the sender is unknown, he/she is added to the project as a user (type defined in settings)
  • Add it as a comment on an issue (if ticket id is present - the mail is a reply to an issue)


The system performs Processing rules as needed when adding the email to VisionFlow.

General settings

This page have many settings for the ticket system. Configure the settings and click the Update button to save.  Test the connection with the e-mail server by clicking the 'Test connection' button, and if it is fine, activate the e-mail ticket system by checking the box 'Enable monitoring of the e-mail account'.

See here for more information about the email ticket system...

Processing rules

In this page you can add multiple processing rules that control what happens depending on e-mails/issues. You can, for example, automatically set priority or forward the email,  based on keywords in the mail subject/address fields.

Each rule triggers based on its criteria, and will perform the linked action.

Read more here: What are processing rules?

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