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The Table view

This is the Table view' sub-tab in the Project Summary tab. The Project Summary is opened by clicking on the 'Summary' button in the Projects panel to the left.


This shows a table of all projects you have access to, with a number of filter and search options to find the projects you are interested in.  



  • Project category
  • Product 
  • Company (owner)
  • Stage
  • Project lead


Search: This is a free text search.

  • Click on the "search" button just before the field to select what fields you should be searching on. Currently, you can only search on project name and description.
  • Click on the X to clear your search.


Expand all/Collapse all: These controls will expand or collapse the groupings that the table is grouped on.


Print: Click this to print the table of projects.


Column menus: Hover over a column to see a small down arrow. Click on this to show the menu for the column. Here you can choose to:

  • Sort on the column - sort Ascending or Descending.
  • Columns - open this submenu to choose which fields to show, for example you can add the total time, estimated time and so on...
  • Group By this field - Groups the table rows on the column field.
  • Show in groups - Click this to use grouping in the table. Unclick this to have no groupings.


Refresh: Click this icon at the bottom to refresh the grid if you have made some change to a project from another tab, to make the table show it.



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