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This page shows builds for the project version

VisionFlow supports the concept of a build, which normally corresponds to a build that has been executed by your build/continuous integration (CI) tool such as CruiseControl, Hudson or the like. A version can have several builds and you can see/manage your builds on the build page ("Sprints" --> "Build history").


This page is basically a table with the following columns:


  • Version + build - the combined version and build numbers/names. Example : Version 1.2, build 3 would show as '1.2.3'. 
  • Build type - Internal or Published (external, issues are viewable in the support center). 
  • URL to build - can be used for automated build systems. See the information at the bottom of the page.
  • Created, Created by - When it was created, and by whom
  • Build info - description of build
  • Actions - The available functions are Edit build, and Delete build.


To make it easy to manage builds you can use a hook available in VisionFlow to create builds automatically from your build/CI tool. You can read more about this in the following article.

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