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Portlets are smaller subpanels that are put in the dashboard to provide different kinds of content.


You can easily reconfigure the dashboard by using the menu at the bottom left in the dashboard.  Portlets are basically laid out in columns on the dashboard. Drag and drop the portlets to rearrange them. Clicking on the bottom edge of the portlet lets you change their height. The width of a portlet depends on the column width.

VisionFlow will remember the arrangement of the dashboard. 


Column arrangement is chosen in the 'Columns' dropdown list- 1, 2 or 3 columns with varying proportions.

Adding new portlets are done in the 'Select content' menu. There are three main categories of portlets:

  • Standard portlets 
  • Saves searches/filters - every search/filter you have can be used in a portlet showing just the matching issues.
  • Charts - VisionFlow now have a number of graphs that you can use in a portlet to get some idea of the state of your project. 



Note: For the issues to display properly in portlets make sure the issues are set to "Group by" at any column in the portlet table.

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