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Documents can be shared between team members easily in VisionFlow. This is done on the documents tab on your projects.

The documents tab works in a similar fashion as the local file system on your computer, where you can: 

  • Add/upload files/documents
    • Just click "upload file"
    • Select the file
    • Click save
    • Wait for the file to upload
  • Create folders/directories
    • Click "New folder"
    • Type the name
    • Click "Ok"
  • Move files between folders
    • Select the files and/or folders to move (click the checkbox to the left of them)
    • Click on the icon "Move files"
    • Select the folder where you want to move them in the combo/dropdown box
    • Click "Move files"
  • Delete files
    • Select the files and/or folders to delete (click the checkbox to the left of them)
    • Click "Delete files"
    • Confirm by clicking "Yes" in the dialog
  • Share documents between team members, or just some of them (by setting access)
    • All files are automatically shared between team members (users with access to the project) when you upload them
    • You can Limit access to a file/document by edting (click on the edit icon) and changing the "Access control" on them
  • Publish documents for direct access on the internet via an URL
    • Click publish
    • Click on the link icon
    • Share the link with anyone that should have access to the document
  • Add and edit simple documents easily online (html/txt files)
    • Click "New document"
    • Choose type of document, such a s html (for MSWord-like documents)
    • Type a name, such as "Projectnews.html"
    • Type a short description
    • Write the document
    • Click "save" to save the document and go back to the document page
  • Quick open - edit - save of any document, such as MS Word
    • Any type of documents (such as MSWord documents) can be quickly edited by clicking the edit  icon
    • Once the icon has been clicked, the document will be downloaded to your computer and the appropriate software (such as MS Word) will open.
    • You can edit the document as you normally would and when you save the document VisionFlow will ask you if you want to upload the changed file automatically. Very simple and convenient! 
  • Upload many files at the same time
    • Upload many documents at the same time by clicking on the "Upload multiple files" icon
    • The upload Java applet will open
    • You can select the files and/or folder structures you want to upload
    • Click upload
    • Wait for the files to upload

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