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 Where can I find the log files for VisionFlow? Export knowledge base Export     SubscribeSubscribe      Show article info

There are 3-5 main log files for VisionFlow, depending on setup. If you need technical assistance then you need to send us all of these files:


  • localhost.log, such as localhost.2011-07-02.log
  • catalina.log (Windows) or catalina.out (linux), such as catalina.2011-07-02.log
  • visionproject.log 
  • tigase.log - if you are using the chat or push functionality in VisionFlow

  • Nginx log files - if you are running a clustered version of VisionFlow

  • crypt.log - if you are running VisionFlow with encrypted passwords in settings/properties files


The localhost.log file contains a time stamp and has the format localhost.TIME_STAMP.log, so it looks something like: localhost.2011-07-02.log


The catalina.log file contains a time stamp and has the format catalina.TIME_STAMP.log, so it looks something like: catalina.2011-07-02.log



Are you running a clustered version of VisionFlow?

If so, then you should clearly indicate what application server the different log files are taken from.

        This can be done by renaming the files or placing them in different folders



 Below you can find details about where the log files are located on different OS:


  • On Windows 
    • The localhost.TIME_STAMP.log files are located in <TOMCAT_HOME>/logs/ folder (for example:  c:\apache-tomcat\logs\localhost.2013-05-06.log)
    • The catalina.TIME_STAMP.log files are located in <TOMCAT_HOME>/logs/ folder  (for example:  c:\apache-tomcat\logs\catalina.2013-05-06.log)
    • The visionproject.log file can normally be found in one of these places:      
      • Either in : <TOMCAT_HOME>/bin/visionproject.log (for example:  c:\apache-tomcat\logs\visionproject.log)
      • Or in folder: <TOMCAT_HOME>/visionproject.log  (for example:  c:\apache-tomcat\logs\visionproject.log)
      • Or in folder: C:\Windows\System32\ (i.e. with the full path of: c:\Windows\System32\visionproject.log)
    • The tigase.log file can be found in the YOUR-TIGASE-ROOT\logs\ folder on windows (such as C:\tigase\logs\)
    • The nginx log files can be found in the YOUR-NGINX-ROOT\logs\ folder on windows (such as C:\nginx\logs\)


  • On Linux
    • The localhost.TIME_STAMP.log file is located in the <TOMCAT_HOME>/logs/ folder (such as /var/lib/tomcat7/logs/ or /var/log/tomcat7/)
    • The catalina.out file is located in the <TOMCAT_HOME>/logs/ folder (such as /var/lib/tomcat7/logs/ or /var/log/tomcat7/)
    • The visionproject.log file is located in the <TOMCAT_HOME>/ folder (such as /var/lib/tomcat7/ or /usr/share/tomcat7/)
    • The tigase.log file can be found in tigase_root/logs/ folder on linux
    • The nginx log files can be found in nginx_root/logs/ folder on linux



Note: These are the most likely places that the VisionFlow logs can be found, but differing settings and operating systems can sometimes put the files in other places. If you don't find the files in the above places, do a system search for the file name in the file system.


If you have purchased an installed server version of VisionFlow then you normally need to send the log files along if you report an issue to the support team.

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