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 Does new users get imported automatically from LDAP (AD)? Export knowledge base Export     SubscribeSubscribe      Show article info

Yes, if you want you can let users be created automatically "run-time" in the system when user logs in the first time in the system if you want. However, it is most common to import users separately using the scheduled LDAP (AD) import mechanism built into the system. 


To configure auto-import in the installed on-premise solution:


Use the ldap.import.enabled=true parameter, you also need to configure the search filter and authentication settings for LDAP correctly in the file.


It is important that the matches the user that you want to import


So for example, the settings may look something like:,CN=Users,DC=YGO,DC=MITOPIA,DC=LOCAL))








For the cloud version:


You configure this in the General --> Settings --> Integrations --> LDAP


To enable import of users, not only authentication, select the checkbox "Import"

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