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 What issue/ticket fields are recommended for Help Desk purposes? Export knowledge base Export     SubscribeSubscribe      Show article info

We normally recommend that you simplify your ticket/issue forms as much as possible, and then add fields if/when you need them.


You manage this in the General --> Settings --> Issue Configuration --> Issue Fields section


Below you can find a list of recommended fields:


  • Issue key (Ticket key)
  • Title - The name or short description of an issue. For tickets from emails this is subject line
  • Status - What is the current status 
  • Type - The type of the issue, such as incident, question or task
  • Reporter - The contact person for the issue, i.e. the customer contact or end user
  • Priority - The priority of the issue such as High or Low
  • Description - The long drscription
  • Current owner - The person currently assigned to handle the issue
  • Created - When the issue was created
  • Modified - When the issue was modified last
  • In progress  
  • Completed - When the issue/ticket was completed (Statud set to a completed status)
  • Ticket id  - Issue/ticket identifier and needed for the email ticket system to work
  • SLA - For tracking Service Level Agreements (SLA's)
  • Next breach - The next breach date/time for use with SLA's
  • Source - To see where the issue/ticket came from, such as Email, Chat, Phone etc.


Additional fields that might be useful:


  • Severity - to see how serious the issue/ticket is
  • Owner group - only if you use 1st and 2nd line support
  • Due date  - only if you need to set a target date (shows up in calendar as well)
  • Reporter company - If you use the system for customer support and want to see what company/organization reported the ticket. Reporter company can also be used for departents/subsidiaries/partner-organizations
  • Product/Service - If you want to categorize your issues/tickets, or use the system for service management
  • Last replied by - To easily see who replied the last time on a issue/ticket 


You configure your fields in the Settings --> Issue configuration --> "Issue fields" section

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