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Managing resource availability as hours


Project managers often want to know how many "work hours" that are available on a project, how many hours people are assigned to work in what projects, and similar questions. 


There are several places where admins can handle aspects of time management in a project.


Project page - Resource availability - Here you can see a list of hours per week for all users in the project. You can edit the number of hours a user is available directly - just enter values, and when satisfied, click 'Save'.


This part is intended to show how many hours different people are scheduled to work on a project during certain weeks. Read more here.


 Sprints/milestones/iterations - (assuming you use sprints/milestones on the project) For each sprint/milestone, you can expand a section showing the resource availability for that sprint, in hours per week for all users. Editing is as simple as above, just change values, and press Save.


This is useful if you want to keep track of how much everyone is available to work on the sprint/milestone.


User Profile - You can enter your default number of work hours per week in the user profile, which is useful in the next section.


 Resource allocation report - In this report you can see an overview of all users, and how much they have been scheduled to work per week. Expand a user to see what projects he or she is scheduled to work on work on for next couple of weeks. If the number of hours assigned are more than the number of work hours per week, they will be highlighted in red.


The hours are taken from the Resource Availability on projects and sprints/milestones.

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