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The Companies page


This page lists all reporter/customer companies that are defined on your account. Companies are a useful tool in organising users. Often a client using VisionFlow is doing support to their own customers, and wants to see which users belong to what customer/company.


The page is divided into two main parts, a table grid at the top, and a tabbed information pane at the bottom.


Table panel


The table header toolbar contains a few functions:

  • A search field where you can search on text. Click on the spyglass/Search button to get a list of which fields are searched on (default: all company fields)
  • Action menu - this list currently have these functions:            
    • Export company data - select companies and click this to export to a number of different formats (.xls, .xml, .pdf, .rtf and .csv)
    • Import company data - this opens a dialog where you can upload a .csv file, or download a sample data file to use as a template before uploading it.
  • Add new company - this button takes you to a blank info page below where you can enter data for a new company and save. 
  • Show inactive companies - this button toggles whether inactive companies are shown.


The footer bar contains pagination functions, and the table refresh.


The main table show columns like these (a few examples):

  • Company name
  • Phone
  • Web address (click on this to open the link in a new window)
  • City
  • Country
  • Contact person

To change which columns are shown, click on the column header, the little down arrow will open the column preferences, where you can choose which company fields should be shown in the table grid.



Info panel


This panel contains tabs with customer company related information: General, Notes, Users, Issues and Contracts.


Knowledge Base Images/Icons/bullet_triangle_yellow.gifGeneral info


This tab is basically a form in three sections. You can edit company info, and save it by clicking on the save button in the top left of the tab. You can also delete the company by clicking the delete button in the top left of the tab.


General - this section have the general company info:

  • Company name - The name of the company.
  • Customer number - A number or string for identifying the customer.
  • Account manager - Here, you can set a user to be the account manager for the company. You can then create notifications that alert the manager when something happens in his/her company.
  • Status - Whether the company is Active, Inactive or have any other possible statuses (Active/Inactive is available by default).
  • Type - Which type the company has. Types can be defined on the account level (General - Settings)
  • Parent company - Which company is the parent company of this one. Used when you have a company hierarchy with several daughter companies.
  • Created - When the company was created/added in VisionFlow.
  • Modified - The last time the company was updated.  


Address - this section have the address info:

  • Address 1 & Address 2 - Two rows to write the address on.
  • State - National substates. Use for some countries.
  • ZipCode - Postal code, exact name and syntax is depending on country.
  • City - The city the company is located in.
  • Country - Which nation the company is located in.
  • Show in Google maps - click this link to make a google map search using the address data. The link is not visible if country is not set.


Contact information - this section have the info for contacting the company

  • Phone - The listed contact phone number.
  • Fax - The fax number for the company.
  • Web address - Address to the company web site. The web address should be in the format "".
  • Contact person - The person from the company that is listed as the main contact to you.
  • Contact email - Email address to the company. This needs to be in a valid email address format.
  • Domain mappings in Email ticket system - This is a function in the email ticket system. By writing domains in this box, all unknown users sending email to your ticket system will be added as users on this company.  Example: You add a company called 'Qwerty', and enters the domains '', ''. Then, somebody mailing from '' will automatically be added as a user on the company Qwerty. This is useful for mail support management.


Custom fields - these fields are shown in their own section(s) below the above standard sections in the General sub-tab.




Knowledge Base Images/Icons/bullet_triangle_yellow.gifNotes


This tab is basically one big text area where you can write down interesting info about the customer company. Click in the box to activate the HTML edit toolbar. You can format the text in a number of ways - bold/italic/underline, point list, text size/font/color, etc..



Knowledge Base Images/Icons/bullet_triangle_yellow.gifDocuments


This tab contains a tree view and a table of the documents on the company. Navigate in the tree to open the folder in the table view to the right. There are a few actions you can perform on the documents: 

  • Upload file - Upload a new file to the current folder
  • New folder - Create a new folder
  • Edit - Edit the document, allowing you to change name, description and upload a replacement document.
  • Copy- This creates a copy of the document in the same folder. You can save it under a new name.
  • Download - Download the selected document(s)
  • Download as zip - Downoad the selected documents compressed in a zip file
  • Delete files - deletes the selected files
  • Refresh - Reloads the document grid.


You can access a document context menu for a document by first clicking it, so it becomes selected, and then right clicking to show the context menu. the context menu have the options: Edit, Copy, Download, Download as zip, and Delete.




Knowledge Base Images/Icons/bullet_triangle_yellow.gifUsers


This tab shows a table of all users assigned to the customer company. There are buttons to add a new user, add an existing user, and to refresh the table.

The table has the following columns:

  • Name - The user's real name. Click on the name to open the edit user in a new tab.
  • Username - The user's logon username. Click on the username to open the edit user in a new tab.
  • Email - The user's email address.
  • Phone - The user's telephone number.
  • User group - What user group the user belongs to.
  • Action - This column has two action icons - Delete user, which removes the user - Issues created by the user, which opens up a list of user created issues in a new tab.




Knowledge Base Images/Icons/bullet_triangle_yellow.gifIssues


This tab contains a table list of all issues that belong to the customer company, reported from different users in different projects. The table contains pagination and refresh in the bottom bar. To sort on a column, just click on it. You can also choose how to sort, and which columns to show, by clicking on the down arrow at the right end of the column header.


Possible columns to show, are as of v7.1: Issue Type, Issue key, Title, Status, Created, Modified, Due date, Ticket id, sprint, Priority, Project, Owner, Reporter.



Knowledge Base Images/Icons/bullet_triangle_yellow.gifProjects


This tab shows the projects that belong to this company. It is the Company(owner) setting in Project info that controls which company the project show up on. You can also add a new project from here - it will then automatically have the current company set as owner.


Columns that can be shown here are: (Project) Name, Project category, Starts, Ends and (Project) Status.



Knowledge Base Images/Icons/bullet_triangle_yellow.gifContracts:


This tab contains a list of Contracts associated with the current Company.  The table contains pagination and refresh in the bottom bar. To sort on a column, just click on it. You can also choose how to sort, and which columns to show, by clicking on the down arrow at the right end of the column header.


Columns that can be shown are Contract number, Company, Start date, End date, Product, SLA, Created date, Created by, Status.




Knowledge Base Images/Icons/bullet_triangle_yellow.gifProducts:


This tab contains a list of Products/Assets/Services/CI's where this company is set in the Owner(company) field on the product/service/asset/CI.  

The table contains pagination and refresh in the bottom bar. To sort on a column, just click on it. You can also choose how to sort, and which columns to show, by clicking on the down arrow at the right end of the column header.


Columns that can be shown are Full name, Name, Path, Item number/tag, Status, Start date, End date, Location, Vendor, Manufacturer, Owner(person), Owner(company)(This should be the selected company), Purchase date, Type.



Knowledge Base Images/Icons/bullet_triangle_yellow.gifCompany access:


This tab is for the optional company access setting. It basically contains two tables, "Available" and "Selected", containing lists of companies. If this setting is active, users of the current company will only see issues from their own company and the others listed under "Selected".


To move the companies between tables, select and use the arrow buttons to move. Alternatively, double clicking on the company name moves it to the other table. When you are satisfied, click the save button.


Note: If no companies are selected, then this setting is not used at all, and users from the current company can see items from all other companies, barring other permission settings.


Note 2: This setting is intended for restricting internal users, such as when you have partners that need to work in the system, but should only see things concerning their own company. This is not for support users.



Knowledge Base Images/Icons/bullet_triangle_yellow.gifHistory:


This tab was introduced in version 7.5, and shows changes to the company - what changed, who made the change, and when it happened. It is similar to the issue history log. Expand/collapse events individually, or use the buttons Expand all/Collapse all. The history is sorted with the latest changes first.


Note: Only changes in the General and Notes tabs are currently shown in the History.





General info:

Knowledge Base Images/General/CompaniesPage_General.png





Knowledge Base Images/General/Company_notes2.PNG



Knowledge Base Images/General/Company_documents.PNG





Knowledge Base Images/General/Company_users2.PNG





Knowledge Base Images/General/Company_issues2.PNG





Knowledge Base Images/General/Company_contracts.PNG




Company Access:

Knowledge Base Images/General/Company_access.PNG




Knowledge Base Images/General/Company_projects.PNG




Knowledge Base Images/General/Company_history.PNG

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