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A workflow means the changes an issue will go through regarding the "owner" field depending on the "status" field changes - according to a defined schema.


VisionFlow supports two important functions, to support this. 

Define owners for status changes

You can add new workflow events, saying that 'if the issue status changes to X, then the current owner should be set to user Y'.(Please note that "support users" can't be set as owners)

Define valid status changes

For each status, you can set which other statuses should be valid options to change status to.


Example: You only want to have two possible statuses to select from the status 'New'. Just go to 'New' under From status, and click on the name. In the dialog that pops up, check the two statuses (for example, 'Assigned' and 'Rejected') you want. In the future, for a new issue, you can only change to those two statuses.


Note: If you do not select any valid statuses, all statuses will be possible choices to select from.


See here for an example of a workflow in VisionFlow using the available statuses

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