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Issue tags


You can tag issues with selected keywords ('tags'). This can be useful in several ways - putting a short reminder like 'Update' on issues, grouping related issues by assigning them appropriate tags. One issue can have many tags, in contrast to component, which is another way of organizing your issues (they complement each other, as an issue can only be in one component - component says more about which category the issue belongs to)


Tags in issue list

Tags are visible (if configured so) in the Issue page table, showing the tags for the issue, except for issues with no tags - these will show the tag icon instead. The tag text or the tag icon is clickable, and opens the tag dialog, from where you can edit the tags for the issue directly, without opening the issue itself. If there are more tags than there is space for in the issue table, the tag list will look truncated (tag1 t...). Just hover over the tag section, and you will see all the tags in the hover text.


The edit tag dialog

The dialog has three parts:

  • A text field, where you can write in a tag name to create a new tag. You can create more than one tag at a time, by separating the tags with a space, and clicking the 'add' button. Note: this means that to have tags terms of two or more words like "Follow up", you have to write them 'FollowUp', 'Follow_up' or similar. 'Follow up' creates two tags - 'Follow' and 'up' (which probably wont be next to each other, if you have several tags..).
  • Tags for this issue - Here you can see the tags already on the issue. Clicking on the tag shows a short menu:
    • Show all issues with this tag: selecting this creates a new tab in VisionFlow with the tag name as title, having an issue list of all the issues with that tag in all projects you have access to.
    • Remove tag - If the tag is present on other issues, this will move the tag to the available tags section. If this issue is the only one having this tag, this selection will delete the tag instead.
  • Available tags - This section shows tags that are present on other issues. Just click on the tags, and they will be transfered to the 'Tags for this issue' section.



Searching on tags

You can search on tags, as on other issue fields. Go to  the search/filter page (either through the link in the General panel, or through the Searches bottom left subtab). Add the criteria 'Tags' from the select list, and you will get a text field where you can enter tag names to search on. There are a few things to remember when searching on tags:

  • Search will match the criterion to any part of tag names (Searching on 'test' will find 'Bugtest', 'testIssue' as well as 'Test')
  • Entering more than one tag in the search box will perform an 'OR' search. (Searching on 'Test Important' will find issues with  'Test' or 'Important'.
  • Tags are separated with space! (Searching on 'Test, Important'  (separated with comma) will find issues with 'Test,' or 'Important' - meaning that it most probably will only find the 'Important' issues..)  


Tag cloud

It might be interesting to see which tags are most common - you can do this in the tags subtab on the bottom left. This will show the tabs with the most common in the biggest font, to the most rare in the smallest font.  In the hover text, you can also see how many issues are tagged with that tag. Click on the tag to open a tag tab with all issues having that tag.

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