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 How do I copy VisionFlow from one server to another? Export knowledge base Export     SubscribeSubscribe      Show article info

After preparing the new server by following the installation instructions available in the knowledge base follow the steps below:

  1. Copy the content of the webapps folder for VisionFlow in the Tomcat path of your old server into the new server's webapps folder (this folder could be called ROOT or VisionFlow or vp, depending on what you've chosen during installation)
  2. Move the document folder for the files in VisionFlow
  3. Make sure that all file paths and URLs are updated with the new paths/URLs (in the file based on the changes you´ve made. 
  4. If you are running the database on the same server then move the database as well.
    • Keep the name of the database 
    • Make sure the old user account is available
    • Make sure the new database have dual logon access (if MSSQL server) 
    • If you make any changes to the database setup you'll need to reconfigure VisionFlow accordingly in the file
  5. Make sure all file permissions are the same for all files and paths on both servers

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