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Several staffing agencies, recruitment companies and internal HR departments use VisionFlow to efficiently handle job openings, resumes, candidates and contacts easily and efficiently.


  • You can keep your "candidate database" in the system. The system is very scalable and it can easily handle several hundred thousand candidates/contacts/users.
  • The candidate/contact profiles can be customized to add any number of fields and store the data that you feel is relevant to your candidates (such as competence, position) and then search/filter for these easily. 
  • You can keep all communication related to the candiates in one place. This could be CV's that they've sent in, email discussions that you've had with them, phone calls, or meetings/interviews
  • You can also open channels for any potential customers to send in CV's to a central CV pool or related to specific job postings
  • Helps you to gather the resumes from multiple sources and manage them from a single place.
  • You can keep your "clients/customers/companies" in the system. 
  • The "client/customer card" can be customized to add any number of fields and store the data that you feel is relevant. Companies can also be arranged in a hirarchial organizational structure.
  • Manage all your clients/customers and related data in one central place in the system and all their related data, such as:
    • Contacts
    • Documents
    • Projects
    • Activities, events, tasks, meetings
    • Contracts
  • You can keep all communication related to your clients (and their contact persons) in one place. This could be recruitment projects/jobs that perform for them, all emails, phone calls and any meetings held, as well as any contracts/agreements with them etc.
  • And so on...



Below you can find a simplified example of how VisionFlow can be used to support your recruitment process for external clients. The system can also used for general HR and Staffing purposes if you don't work for external clients.
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