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In essence the two versions of the system are identical in terms of functionality, but there are only some minor differences and it gives you a couple of more options, see below:

  • LDAP/AD integration for user authentication, SSO and data import is possible in the installed/on-premise version
  • You have full access to the database (MSSQL server or MySQL) to be used for reporting, BI or other purposes.
  • Full corporate branding capabilities are included in the price, no separate module needs to be purchased. 
  • You can configure the server yourself, for example specifying what SMTP server(s) that you want to use
  • You can make minor changes to look and feel
  • You have the ability to override default terminology in i18n resource files 
  • It is possible for you to extend the system in some areas by using extension-hooks, which is good for integration with other systems (outgoing calls from the system).
  • Full MS Exchange integration is available with 2-way calendar meetings and availability


With this said you can always convert from the multi-tenant cloud/SAAS version to an installed version if you like (at a minor additional cost)


Also, if you need any of the functionality above we also offer dedicated hosted options at an additional cost. If this is interesting for you please contact our sales team

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