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How to track time and allocate resources

The Time tracking functions are placed in two places - the Time tab,where you log and manage worked time,  and the Reports tab, which has the relevant reports.

You are also able to report time directly on an issue, either in the issue itself or by using the context menu.

You allocate time for resources by going to the project and will also be able to have a total view of the allocated time per user by going to the Reports tab.


 Manage time

You work with time management by clicking on the Time icon in the General panel in the left sidebar.

  • This page can create reports over users time logs. Select which project(s), for which user(s), and between which dates you want to create a report, and press "filter". The table will show all issues where the users have logged time (using time logs on the issues, for example), initially grouped on projects. You can change sorting, grouping and columns by clicking on table headers. 
  • Add time report - this will create a popup where you can log worked time by entering project, user, issue, date, time and description. You can update actual and remaining time by checking those boxes. Saving will result in the same time log report as from the issue..

    This video gives you an introduction of how to view the time that is reported, add a time report on an activity, change the time spent on an activity and remove a time report.


  Time report

This is available by selecting the Reports icon in the General panel, and then the 'Time Report' in the report tree.

  • Choose project(s), user(s) and time period. Click "get report". The resulting page will show a table with all time reported in those projects, on the issues, by those users in the given time frame.  Results can be grouped on project, project/issue, and on other combinations. The report can be printed as is, or exported by clicking on the export icon.
  • Time is reported/set by adding work logs on individual issues, or creating the worklogs in the Time tab above.


  Resource allocation

You can allocate resources to a project by choosing the Project Page and the Resource Availability submenu.

Enter the amount of hours per week to allocate the specific resource for the week and press Save.


To be able to view how much time resources are allocated for different projects, select the Reports icon in the General panel, and then the 'Resource allocation' in the report tree. 

  •  Here you can see how much work time is set for each user, overall in all projects. By clicking and expanding the user, you can see the exact time allocation in each project for that user.
  • The resource allocations are set under respective projects: 'Project page - Resource availability'.

    This video shows allocation of resources for a project and also a report of how much time resources are allocated for different projects.

  • You are also able to allocate resources for sprints in a project. This enables you to plan your resources on even more detail. This is done by opening a sprint (Open a project, choose sprints tab and choose a sprint) and on the right hand side expand the option "Manage resource availability for ...."

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