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How do I use a Knowledge base?

You can open a knowledge base for a project by going to the project's support center tab, and click on "Knowledge base".

The Knowledge base then opens in its own top level tab in VisionFlow.





The user interface for the Knowledge base. It uses a view with several panels - a center panel surrounded by panels to  the left and right, and an  info /search top bar.

  • Top area -  Shows the welcome message, as well as a search function. Just enter text, press search, and you will find a list of relevant articles containing that keyword. Admins will also find a link for editing the knowledge base settings in this area.
  • Left navigation panel - Shows a tree view of the articles, with article categories as folders. The entire panel can be hidden by clicking on the "<<" button, and  pressing the ">>" button will show it again. Clicking on an article or folder here will load it in the center panel. Clicking on the Knowledge base node will take you to the top level. You can expand/collapse the tree by clicking on the +/- buttons in the panel header. The panel can also be reloaded by a button click - useful if you feel that it has not been updated, for example after writing an article.
  • Right info panel - This panel shows featured articles, that often contain especially important information. Users with the correct permissions will also find outdated articles in this panel, easily seen and thus quickly updated. The panel can be hidden and shown by clicking on the ">>" and "<<" buttons.
  • Center panel - Shows the articles and categories. You can navigate to categories and articles by clicking on the links in this window, in addition to using the navigation panel.


Navigation is done by the tree in the navigation panel, or by clicking on links in the main panel, or a combination of both.  Use what feels best for you.


There are several features related to the Knowledge base. (Note that they might only be visible/available for an user with correct permissions!)

  • Rating of articles - Next to every article there are five stars, showing the current rating for this article. Empty (white) stars means that the article has not been rated by anyone. Yellow stars indicate the rating, where 1 = awful, and 5 = Excellent. Mouse over the stars to see the average rating and number of votes. You can rate an article from the article page, by selecting the correct radio button, and clicking "Vote".
  • Commenting on articles - In the article page, there is now a section for user comments on the article. Clicking on the "add comment" will show a pop-up where you can write your comment, and save it. You can read existing comments ordered by date - newest first. Comments can be edited and deleted as well, either by the comment creator, or someone with the permissions to do so.
  • Reporting outdated articles - On every article page, there is now a link "report this article outdated!", where users can flag the article as outdated, if they think it is incorrect or no longer relevant. Maintainers of the Knowledge base will then see the article in the right info panel, and can then rewrite or reflag the article as needed.

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