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What is the Navigation Panel?


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The Navigation panel is the left side panel in the user interface for VisionFlow. It contains  sub-panels whose functionality is easily available, as the Navigation panel remains to the left of the main tabbed panel.

The Navigation panel can be easily minimised though - just click on the "<<" icon on top right of the Navigation panel.  To expand the panel again, just click on the  ">>" icon.


The sub-panels in the Navigation Panel are (Note that you might not have permission to see all links, depending on your user group):


General - Contains links to special tabs                  

  • Dashboard - The default start tab in VisionFlow, contains a collection of portlets that helps users to overview and organize tasks. 
  • Calendar - The account level calendar where you can view events (issues, sprints and contract start/due dates) from multiple projects.

  • Search - The Search/Filter tab allows users to perform complex searches to find a subset of issues of interest.

  • Users - User management, here you can create/edit/delete user. 

  • Companies - Company management, here you can create/edit/delete company. 
  • Time - The time management is where you can view and edit work logs over different projects.
  • Reports- This tab contains a collection of useful reports
  • Products - Also called CMDB, here you can add/edit/delete product/item.
  • Contracts - Contract management, here you can create/edit/delete contract. 
  • Planning - this is a menu with these options:  
    • Timeline - The Timeline page shows projects, sprints, issues, products and releases. The timeline can be filtered and navigated back and forth in time.

    • Resource allocation - The resource allocation page where you can get an overview of time assigned to users, sprints and projects. 

  • Settings - The general settings for the VisionFlow account.  Used by administrators.
  • Chat - This shows the main chat tab, that also has an overview of the current chats. 
  • General links - Optional. These links can be created and configured in the general settings, and can be shown individually or grouped under a header as a drop-down list.

Projects - A tree view showing your projects                

  • Project categories are shown as folders, and individual project as nodes. Clicking on a project will open a tab page for that project. Note that several projects can be open at the same time!
  • Right clicking on a project opens the project context menu, where you can do these things:                
    • Open project tab - This will show the available project tabs in that project. Click on one to open that particular project tab in that project.
    • Create new issue - This allows you to create an issue quickly:                
      • List of available issue types. Clicking on one creates an issue of that type in the project.
      • List of available issue templates. If there are any in that particular project. 
      • Send email - clicking on this option will allow you to create a new email that is then being sent from that project.
    • Copy - This option will copy the project. You can choose what should be copied over, in the dialog that appears. 
  • New - This button opens the new Project tab page, in a new project where you can enter data and save the project.
  • Summary - This button opens the project summary page, where you can see an overview of your projects. 
  • Manage - a couple of important functions related to projects are found in this menu:  
    • Manage categories - Create, edit and delete project categories in this page.
    • Show inactive projects - will show all your inactive projects in a tab page. (By default, only active projects are visible in the other project views)


Online users - Shows which users are online just now. Green circles if the users are active. Should they be greyed out, you can try refreshing the panel.                

  • Right click on the user name to show the User context menu. It allows you to:            
    • See info about the user
    • Start a chat with him/her if the chat module is activated. 
    • Click yourself to edit your own online status and write something in your status line.



Last visited issues - Shows the 10 last issues you have been in.                

  • Click on an issue to open it again in the main panel, in its project tab.
  • Right click on the issue to open the context menu for the issue.

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