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For best experience working with VisionFlow, we recommend using a resolution of 1440x900px, or better. 1366x768px can be used, but in maximized web browser window

Some browser plugins, like Firebug for Firefox can cause a significant slowdown in VisionFlow, so we recommend turning off those features while working with VisionFlow.


VisionFlow uses javascript in many places, so if you disable scripts in your browser (by for example choosing a very high security setting), you will not be able to use VisionFlow. Allow scripts, or set VisionFlow as a trusted site, if your security settings in general are high. You will need to have Java installed on your computer to get some of the applets to work as planned, so we highly recommend you to have it installed.


VisionFlow uses cookies, so you can run into problems if you disallow cookies.


Do not use the browser back and forward functions, use the navigation possibilities inside VisionFlow instead. 


 Use Internet Explorer 9 or newer. The performance compared to Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari or even IE9 is quite bad.

For more system requirements please read here

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