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To manage meetings in VisionFlow, since version 8.0, there is a new type of issues "Meeting".


Name  DescriptionOrderIconBackgroundForegroundDisplay modeIs  meetingDefaultActions
Meeting      A scheduled meeting   5     Icon only Yes No    

By  setting the "Is meeting" flag on the issue type (in General -->  Settings), the issue will get some special attributes and behaviors,  such as:


This is where you specify what users/persons will attend the meeting.
After adding the different people to the meeting you can send them an invitation


To make sure you don't miss a meeting you can specify if and when a reminder should be sent to you, such as 15 minutes before the meeting. When this happens you will receive an email notification.
If you have the chat module enabled (to allow for asynchronous push/xmpp notifications) then you will also be prompted when a reminder is triggered in the system.


For meetings you can also specify recurrance, such as that the meeting should occur every 2 days, every week etc.


When recurrance has been added to an issue, you need to edit the series/template to update it in any way. If you change an issue in the series, such as uploading the meeting minutes, or changing the status, you will break the series for the issue.


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